Peer to Peer Learning Series: Foundation Training

Peer to Peer Learning Series: Foundation Training
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Instructor: Sarah Zahab, BSc, R.Kin, CSEP-CEP

We rush through our warm up and are eager to give our clients the workout they came for.  If stability is lacking, injury may occur.  Understand the importance of a solid movement preparation and incorporating foundational work into your clients’ plans.  Giving our clients more load or intensity may not always pay off and can lead to undesired results.  Here’s where less is more.  Ensure proper form and execution on all foundation exercises and have them perfect one level before moving on to the next.  This ensures they are strong, stable and functional in all movements.  This workshop will cover the importance of foundation work and thorough warm ups and give examples of effective exercises to help improve overall stability.

Enrollment length: 3 months


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