Advanced Learning Module: Exercise Prescription for Older Adults

Advanced Learning Module: Exercise Prescription for Older Adults
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Instructor: Dr. Gareth Jones, CSEP-CEP, IE

This 4-part webinar will educate qualified exercise professionals on: 

  • how to work with older clients
  • provide a broad overview to all who attend as to the physiological aspects of aging and the importance of being physically active in our older years

Customized for the CSEP Certified member, successful completion of this webinar will bring advanced knowledge and ease when working with older clients, including the physically frail at one end and the physically fit at the other.  

The modules will examine and explore issues related to Exercise Prescription for Older Adults, including:

  1. Age-associated Physiological Change
  2. Fitness and Functional Assessment in Older Adults
  3. Exercise Prescription for the Older Adults 
  4. Exercise for Special Populations: From Fit to Frail

Enrollment length: three months

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