CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist™ (CSEP-CEP): Application Fees

CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist™ (CSEP-CEP): Application Fees
CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist™ (CSEP-CEP): Application Fees
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A CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist™ performs assessments, prescribes conditioning exercise, as well as exercise supervision, counseling and healthy lifestyle education in apparently healthy individuals and/or populations with medical conditions, functional limitations or disabilities associated with musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, metabolic, neuromuscular, and aging conditions.

CSEP-CEP Candidates must provide documentation confirming that the candidate has completed a co-op, work and/or volunteer experience in health-related fitness (healthy and chronic condition populations), and/or performance-related (work and/or sport) fitness. In curriculum lab and peer-testing experience does not count for this requirement; however, experiential learning that includes working with individuals from the community that fall within the chronic condition, athlete or work populations, would qualify. Proof (for example, letter from your Education Supervisor, or from Supervisor of work/volunteer experience, or logbook copy) of at least 100 hours of practical experience is REQUIRED

It is also highly recommended for CSEP-CEP Candidates, that they obtain an additional 150 hours of practical experience with diverse populations that include those with chronic conditions, athletes and/or special populations to better prepare themselves for the practical exam and entry level work as a CSEP-CEP. A minimum of 25 hours of practical experience in each of the following areas is strongly recommended:

  • Musculoskeletal
  • Neuromuscular Conditions
  • Cardio-metabolic
  • Pulmonary Conditions

Please note in order to complete this form you will need the following information and documents to submit your application:

  • You need to be prepared to complete this application in one sitting
  • Credit Card (for application fee payment - $50). The application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. If you purchase the application and theory exam and your application is not approved, you will be refunded for the theory exam portion.
  • Transcript (official or unofficial copy - if your institution is sending a copy directly to CSEP you can confirm this in the application in order to proceed.)
  • Resume - outlining experience gained in relation to the CSEP-CEP Core Competencies, populations, and required hours
  • Supporting documents for practical hours - i.e. letters of support, signed logs, etc. These must provide the number of hours worked, types of activities performed, and types of populations worked with.

If you wish to work with athletes and performance occupations as part of your Scope of Practice you will be able to challenge the CSEP High Performance Specialization once you have successfully completed both CSEP-CEP exams and registered as a certified member.

Option 1: Application Only ($55)

  • You will need to purchase your theory exam attempt later for $215

Option 2: Application + Theory Exam Attempt ($260)

  • Save a step and $10 by purchasing your theory exam attempt now. 
  • Note: you will not be able to take the CSEP-CEP Theory Exam until your application is approved.

For questions about becoming CSEP certified your certification visit www.csep.ca/CSEP-CEP, or contact us at memberships@csep.ca.

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