CSEP High Performance Specialization™ Module 6: Performance Psychology

CSEP High Performance Specialization™ Module 6:  Performance Psychology
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CSEP High Performance Specialization™ Preparation Module 6: Performance Psychology


  1. Motivation (self-determination theory, intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation)
  2. Confidence (define confidence, developing confidence, and maintaining confidence; visualization)
  3. Resilience (what it is, what it is not; fixed vs. growth mindset, Fletcher & Sarkar research, model of resilience)
  4. Self-Awareness (three components of performance-based mindfulness model)
  5. Stress Management (definitions-perceived imbalance, coping strategies, recovery status, mindfulness)
  6. Emotion & Arousal (state/trait/meta, IZOF (1-10 and four quad blocks), heart rate variability training, emotional arousal, hand model of brain?) Attentional control (selective vs. sustained attention, focus diagram)
  7. Athlete-Trainer/Coach Relationship (genuine working relationship, closeness, commitment, complementarity, co-orientation; respect of cultures, sexual orientations, religions, (dis)abilities, etc.)
  8. Leadership (three main leadership behaviours)
  9. Teamwork (Optimal team functioning model)
  10. Communication (different types of communication, COMPASS model, goal setting and debriefing

Approximate length: 3 hours

CSEP PDCs: 7.5
Enrollment length: six months

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