Peer to Peer Learning Series: The Female Athlete Postpartum

Peer to Peer Learning Series: The Female Athlete Postpartum
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Instructor: Sarah Zahab, BSc, R.Kin, CSEP-CEP

Many women are uncertain how to progress from pregnancy to high impact activities and are hesitant to jump back in fearing injury, worsening symptoms or discomfort.It can be a tricky transition but can be attained with an understanding of specific key essentials. Breathing mechanics, intra-abdominal pressure management, alignment, movement mechanics, core stabilizing strategies and recovery are all key foundational elements where your female client can optimize and build from to return to the activities she loves.Cross fit, running, HIIT training, Olympic lifting and many others are all activities mom can safely return to, with a solid bridging the gap progression in mind. We’ll discuss management of diastasis recti and pelvic organ prolapse. Learn how to safely help moms (of all stages) return to her athletic endeavours safely, functionally, purposefully and progressively


Enrollment length: 3 months


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