Get Active Questionnaire Resources

We have developed a number of resources to help you understand and use the Get Active Questionnaire. 

Download the Get Active Questionnaire 

Download the Get Active Questionnaire: 

English  (2 pages; PDF)

French  (2 pages; PDF)

Get Active Questionnaire - Reference Document 

Use this reference document if you answered YES to any questions on the Get Active Questionnaire and have not consulted a healthcare provider or a Qualified Exercise Professional about becoming more physically active.

 Download the Reference Document

English (2 pages; PDF)

French (2 pages; PDF)

Get Active Questionnaire Resources  

Guide to Using the Get Active Questionnaire: Webinar
Free 55 minute webinar to assist sport, fitness, and exercise professionals to understand and use the Get Active Questionnaire. The webinar covers the development and use of the Questionnaire and Reference document in detail. 


CSEP-PATH: Physician Physical Activity Readiness Clearance 

A template letter for clients to consult a physician before becoming more physically active. 


CSEP-CPT Health Screening Tool for Clients with one Medical Condition 

CSEP-CPTs can use this tool in addition to the Get Active Questionnaire if your clients indicated they have a medical condition. The tool will help determine whether your client’s medical condition would be considered lower risk according to available research. 

English (2 pages; PDF)

French (2 pages; PDF)

CSEP-CPT Pre-Participation Screening Procedures 

Use this document as a CSEP-CPT to better understand how the Get Active Questionnaire is part of the pre-screening process and changes from using previous tools. 

English (3 pages; PDF)

French (3 pages; PDF)


Updated Participation Resting Blood Pressure Guidelines 

As the Get Active Questionnaire is grounded in evidence, the resting blood pressure limits were revised to reflect work done by Thomas et al (2011)a

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APNM Supplement on Evidence-based risk assessment and recommendations for Physical Activity clearance
Read a series of papers on physical activity clearance published in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism.

Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, 2011, 36(S1): S101-S112,

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