Using the Get Active Questionnaire

The Get Active Questionnaire is structured to guide an individual through a series of four questions to help them decide whether they should consult a health care professional and/or a qualified exercise professional before becoming more active or starting a fitness program. If an individual answers “YES” to any question, they are guided to the two-page Get Active Questionnaire Reference Document designed to provide advice about each YES response. 

How the Get Active Questionnaire could be used:

  • Recreation or fitness facilities may have their clients complete the questionnaire prior to joining an exercise class or program.
  • Healthcare professionals (i.e., physicians, physiotherapists, dieticians) may provide the questionnaire when encouraging their patients to start exercising.
  • Individuals who wish to become more active can complete the questionnaire on their own initiative.
  • Qualified Exercise Professionals (QEP) may use the questionnaire as one part of the pre-screening process with clients. 

Practitioners Using the Get Active Questionnaire 

Pre-participation screening is an essential step for identifying risk factors and determining who should seek medical clearance, as well as for getting to know clients and their exercise prescription starting point. The Get Active Questionnaire (or other evidence-based screening tool) should be only one step in the overall pre-participation screening process.

A Qualified Exercise Professional (QEP) may ask all new clients to complete the Get Active Questionnaire so they can start getting to know their client's health status better. If a QEP works at a recreation centre or physician-referred exercise clinic, they may also have individuals referred for further advice due to a “Yes” response on the Get Active Questionnaire completed earlier and are following the corresponding guidance outlined in the Get Active Questionnaire Reference Document. 

If a client answers "No" to all questions it may be reasonable to assume that they are able to participate in physical activity and can proceed to page two to complete the rest of the questions. 

If a client answers "Yes" to a question, QEPs are encouraged to review the companion Get Active Questionnaire Reference Document with the client to determine the relative risk for physical activity participation or if a referral to a health care practitioner or physician is advised. 

More information about how a QEP can use the Get Active Questionnaire in practice is discussed in a free webinar from CSEP.

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