CSEP Webinar Series - Webinar #2- The Science of Sleeping Soundly: Practice sleeping better to craft health and high performance

CSEP Webinar Series - Webinar #2- The Science of Sleeping Soundly: Practice sleeping better to craft health and high performance
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Dr. Greg Wells presents a clear path towards exponential health and performance in this keynote based on his international best-selling book, The Ripple Effect. Discover how sleeping soundly more consistently can have an exponential impact on your overall health and performance.

Sleep serves as a cornerstone for brain health, and healing, repairing, and regenerative functions kick into high gear during our resting hours. Quality sleep can improve cognition, learning creativity and innovation making sleep a core practice for all who want to improve wellbeing and sustainable performance.

Drawing from his extensive background as a scientist and physiologist, Dr. Wells will guide you through the science of exponential sleep as it relates to health and performance, offering actionable insights and tactics you can use to optimize your wellbeing. 

Dr. Wells will present the 7 keys to sleeping soundly, which are practices that can be installed in everyone’s daily routines and rituals to elevate the ability to rest and recharge via consistently sound sleep.

Audience will learn:

  • The physiology of how the brain heals repairs and regenerates when we sleep
  • The 2 specific aspects of sleep that reduce mortality and extend lifespan
  • How much sleep we really need and when the brain is most likely to sleep deeply and soundly
  • What types of naps work and what type makes you feel worse and how to program these into your day and week if needed
  • The key practices that you can install in your routines to improve your sleep quality and your recovery and regeneration
  • The one habit that is the most damaging to your sleep
  • What metrics to track when using a wearable device that tracks sleep
  • The 7 keys to sleeping soundly

Event Details:

  • Audience: CSEP Members, Non-Members and CSEP Industry Allied Partners

  • Date: Tuesday, June 18th from 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

  •  Registration Fee:

    • Members: $20
    • IAP: $25
    • Non-members: $35  
  •  PDC: 3

  •  Recorded: Yes 

  •  AI Translation and captioning in 50+ languages will be available for this webinar

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Greg Wells, Physiologist | 5X Best Selling Author | Peak Performance Expert

Dr. Greg Wells is a world-leading physiologist, keynote speaker and best-selling author. Dr. Wells has a PhD in Physiology, served as an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto and as a Senior Scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children.

Dr. Wells has participated in the grueling Nanisivik Marathon 600 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Ironman Canada and the Tour D’Afrique, an 11,000 km cycling race that is the longest in the world.

He is author of five best-selling books – Superbodies, The Ripple Effect, The Focus Effect, Rest Refocus Recharge & Powerhouse.

As a TV analyst, Dr. Wells hosted the award-winning Superbodies series, which aired on Olympic television broadcasts worldwide in 2010 and 2012.

He is currently the CEO and founder of Wells Performance, a global consulting firm committed to achieving the moonshot of helping teams, schools and businesses become places where people get healthy, perform optimally and ultimately reach their potential.

Dr. Wells has spoken to audiences all over the world at events such as TEDx, Mastermind Talks and The Titan Summit.


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